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Training Programmes

Image Logtra is an accredited training provider with the ETDP SETA and offer a number of accredited courses and non-credit bearing courses. Contact us for further details.

Assessor Doctrine Writer Training Systems


This programme is designed for anyone who is going to be responsible for planning and conducting assessments.

Our course will provide you with an overview of outcomes-based education along with the principles of outcomes based assessment including the design and development of assessment instruments, conducting assessment and making use of RPL practices. This course addresses the following Unit Standards:

US 263976: Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes-based education and training approach within the context of a National Qualifications Framework, Level 5 - 5 Credits

US 115753: Conduct outcomes based assessment, Level 5 - 15 Credits

US 115755: Design and develop outcomes based assessment, Level 6 - 10 Credits

Doctrine Writer

This programme is ideal for anyone interested in writing doctrine. This non-credit bearing programme provides an overview of doctrine, how it is structured, researched and developed.

It provides insight into research methodologies and project planning for developing doctrinal publications. Contact us for further details.

Training Systems

This programme is specifically designed for the safety and security environment that includes the involved system and ILS engineers, military personnel, defence industry contractors and managers interested in gaining an understanding in how training systems integrate into the greater defence industry acquisitions and armaments development and maintenance and support processes.

This course provides insights into typical role-players, capability management, integrated logistical support and the actual development of training system and the maintenance thereof. Contact us for further details.

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