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Classroom-based Options

Training publications, for example Manuals, Instructor Guides, Learner Workbooks, Assessment Guides and Instruments and Curricula are designed according to organisational, national or international standards along with a wide variety of training aids, for example Slide Shows, Wall Charts, Flip Charts, Animations, Video Clips, Pocket Guides, Flash Cards, Interactive Publications, etc.


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Blended Solutions

Need to use multiple methods to save time and training costs while allowing access from anywhere, anytime on any device. We can help with our training systems approach. We can also help with choosing the right LMS platform based on your unique requirements

Training Systems Development

Image Whether you are interested in developing your own unique organisational training programme or wish to develop a training programme aligned with national qualifications or standards, our unique systems approach and experience will ensure that you are in control.
Our Design Team will help you ask the right questions, make the right decisions and produce a training programme that is fit for purpose and value for money, irrespective of whether you have an existing training programme that needs to be updated or a total new requirement.

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