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The Relevance of Military Doctrine

April 21, 2020 - Robin Jay

I am often asked why is doctrine needed and what makes it so important? In answering this question I often find myself first explaining what doctrine is; and as such I would like to start there again today as it is probably the most logical approach.

The word “Doctrine” doesn’t actually originate from the military, rather from Christian theology. Today, however in most modern militaries the word “doctrine” has been generally accepted to describe the institutional beliefs about what works in military operations; often based on historical lessons learnt during periods of conflict.

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Introducing Logtra's New Image Revamp

New Look, April 1, 2020 - Robin Jay

It has been an interesting journey since we first decided to start Logtra back in 2007; it still feels like yesterday when it all started. We have done amazing things since then, and the vision of empowering people and organisations through learning has been a rewarding experience even though it was occasionally checkered by challenges...

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